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Cup of Coffee I’d like to welcome everyone to my new home on the web. I intend to share with you my thoughts and ideas, along with my journey to publication.  I’ll be posting blogs about once a week. Feel free to comment and join me as we explore this adventure together.

In brief explanation of myself, my eyes have always been on the sky.  When I was a kid I wanted to take flying lessons but for any number of reasons that didn’t happen.  Finally, when I was twenty-seven I marched myself over to Bellevue Airfield and took the $5 “familiarization flight”.   It only lasted a half hour but that was all I needed.  I couldn’t stop grinning.  I signed up, got my materials and started ground school.  Ten days later I was  in the plane practicing climbs, turns, descents.  I was in heaven…or at least close to it.

A couple of months later we were practicing touch and go’s at Renton Field.  My instructor told me to taxi over to the control tower and I dutifully complied.  Then, to my horror, he opened the door and got out.  “Take her around the pattern and come back and pick me up.”  My heart thundered.  I felt like my arms had fallen off…no kidding…that was the sensation.  This was it.  The first solo.  Everything that I had studied and practiced flooded my brain.  I had to make this work all by myself.  No room for error.  No one to back me up or correct mistakes.

I taxied to the end of the runway and waited for permission to take off.  “Piper six-eight-zero-seven Juliet, clear for take off”  Okay, my turn…… my time…… my lord………I squared up on the runway and pushed the throttle forward.  In seconds I was airborne.  I felt all emotions at once but I would have to sort them out and deal with them later, right now I had to keep a clear head and just fly the plane.

I flew the pattern around the field then descended oh so carefully over the blast fence on the south end of the runway.  I impressed myself with a “greaser” landing.  The tower congratulated me and cleared me to taxi back to pick up my instructor. He was standing there, arms folded and grinning like a proud poppa!

I had done it.  The dream had been realized.  I wanted to laugh, cry, jump, run and wave my arms around….but I was still strapped in and still had to fly back to Bellevue.  Celebration would have to wait.

I think I can hear you…..”but I thought this blog was going to be about writing and the journey to publication.”  It is.  First I wanted you to learn a little bit about me, my platform, my passion for flying.  So here’s a writing tidbit…..write what you know (bet you’ve heard that before).  Write about something that really interests you, that you love…..goodness knows you will be spending hundreds of hours molding and crafting your “baby”.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I look forward to this adventure myself.

Best Regards,


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  1. Looks wonderful Mom!! Hopefully those fateful $5.00 spent years ago, gained a little “interest!” Yahooooooo…..sky’s the limit!

  2. Wonderful, Sandy! So amazing, how did I never know you were a pilot????? Much love to you and best wishes on your new endeavor!


  3. I love the site look and enjoyed the blog…hope to soon read more takes from you dear Sis! Keep reaching for the sky and stars!

    • Paulette! What a nice surprise finding your comment on my website! The learning curve for this self-marketing aspect of authorship is steep. And….it is hard to recapture DISCIPLINE now that I am retired. I hope that you enjoyed Night Witch. I’m beginning work on “Lily” (working title). This one will be a biography with a little fiction here and there. She was quite extraordinary.

      TAke good care!

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