The adventure begins….

My labor of love is about to take flight.

Night Witch is in process.  “She’s” being uploaded, printed, promotional materials made, website updated, parties planned, a few signings sprinkled here and there. Hundreds of hours of work are all coming to that final moment when I get to share this amazing story with YOU.

I am excited and frightened at the same time, to the same degree.  From what I hear all first-time authors experience this same emotional quandary.  Joy buoys the spirit and makes us feel good. Fear teaches.  I look forward to happily learning.

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  1. Is this Sandy who used to come to water aerobics at Gold’s Gym Issaquah?? Teena told me today that she had run into you and that your book had been published!! I am SO happy for you! Congratulations — that is a major accomplishment! How are you coping with your newfound fame??

    We miss seeing you in the pool! Feel free to come back any time – there are a lot of new ladies. Unfortunately, Erin no longer teaches, nor Teena :((

    Our daughter was fortunate enough to have a book published in 2005. It was called “Beachglass” (by Wendy Blackburn) and she was on a cloud — except when it came to personal appearances and readings! She just wanted people to buy the book and leave her alone :) She never made it to Oprah’s Book Club, or past the initial printing, but it was a good experience. She has said she’ll never do it again :)

    I just had to say “hi” and I’m going to check out your book.

    Again, Congrats, lady! That’s a lot of hard work!


    • Hey Linda! Yes, I’m your pool buddy! Thank you for your good wishes. I am finding that “the other side” is a lot of work….maybe more than writing the book itself. Self-marketing is tough. I don’t mind speaking or doing personal appearances….one is coming up this Saturday, the 5th, at Univ. Bookstore in Bellevue. I’m sorry to hear that that part of the whole experience didn’t sit well with your daughter. Makes me sad that she said she’ll never do it again. (maybe I should talk with her….there are ways to make things less painful….and if she’s a good writer she MUST continue) If you think it would do any good, have her email me at

      I need to get my carcass back in the pool. I’m starting to work on book #2 and with all of the self-promotion I’m going to need to get super organized and EXERCISE!!!

      Thank you so much for visiting my website! I’m working on it too.


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