Wonderful Day at the Museum of Flight

IMG_4909It was exciting to share the story of the Night Witches at the Museum.  The Quonset Hut Theater venue was the perfect period setting. Exhibits in this Personal Courage Wing were extraordinary and the stories moving.  I was pleased and surprised to find pictures and information about Marina Raskova’s Aviation Group 122 among the displays.

Someone asked me why I wrote about the Russian women pilots and not the American WASPs. I explained that most people know about the American women, but virtually no one has heard of the female combat pilots of Russia’s Great Patriotic War (WWII). Over the time that it has taken me to write this book I have found that a scant 1% of the people I talk to know a little about these women. But, the majority says something like, “Really?!” or “Oh my, I have never heard of them.”

I am hoping that Night Witch will take flight so these courageous women and girls (the members of the regiment were aged 17-26) can capture hearts and imaginations. Now that they are “out of the nest” I am turning my attention to book number two.  There are so many more untold stories!



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